Monday, June 28, 2010

June is....

June is a beautiful month. We have had many blessings: family, employment, friends,and opportunities. We have had grandchildren sleep over, enjoyed the wide outdoors with friends, enjoyed qult club at our home, Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching groups for dinner, Temple work, scripture study, and Mills family park party. I have also apprecitated good health and enery. Especially when I haven't had it. Last week I had flu for three days and did lots of nothing. This week I'm up and at it,m but a little slowly. I'm looking forward to enjoying July, and hoping for some camping trips to brighten the summer.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend fun

We took inventory and started loading the motorhomke for the summer. It looks like the weather might cooperate for awhile. Now we just need to find time to go camping! Last night we went to Camp Tracy up Millcreek Canyon with our Ward. It was so delightful to be in the canyon, ducks on the pond, trees everywhere, a campfire (and marshmellows for those who like them), and stories and laughter. I finally feel that maybe summer is really here.
Today is Father's Day and it has been fun to recall some of the things about my awesome Dad. He has been gone for twelve years, but his memory remains. I'm also thankful for my husband, who is a terrific father to our children. We are blessed.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I need to make a commitment to improve in a number of things. I guess its like a mid-year's resolution time. My granddaughter is inspiring me to keep up with my blog a little better. I have also been reading the Fablehaven series, which I am really enjoying. I have done a little better at walking, but need to kick it up a step. I need to prepare meals with more fruit and veggies. I NEED to sew! That ought to keep me busy each day. I hope your day brings fun and accomplishment. Oh, I also get to go on a date with hubby tonight. Ahhhh!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Busy week but it has been fun! Hubby is progressing with his new job. We had a Home Teaching dinner here Tuesday that was lots of fun. I had our quilting club here for lunch and quilting tips. Today I finished the receiving blanket to turn in next month. I also put my unused material in a brown bag and closed it up with ribbon. Two items ready for August. Wednesday evening we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to do sealings, and then had a social at our home afterwards. I got some shopping done for grandsons birthdays and hope to mail it off tomorrow. I'm getting ready to have a grandson stay for three days. That should keep me busy!