Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I am so thankful for hobbies that bring  fun and excitement to my day.  I love reading, quilting, scrapbooking,  Scripture study, time with family and friends, playing games, and camping.  I also enjoy movies and cooking shows.  I always get more done in a day if I have some hobby projects to work on.  I'm thankful that there are so many interests that can enrich our lives and bring joy to others too.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Thankful for extended Family

Yesterday we loved being with Frank's family.  They are so close--we have gotten together about once a month for over 42 years.  We are also having a Mills Family picnic tonight.  Everyone brings food and we enjoy visiting and sometimes games.  My sister-in-laws are such awesome ladies and I'm thankful I am a part of such a special family.  I can't wait for our yearly reunion at the Spruces in August.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grateful for the Sabbath Day

We went to Mendon, Utah to hear our grand-nephew speak before leaving on his mission to Vera Cruz, Mexico.  It was a wonderful meeting! He gave a great talk and really sounded like a missionary.  The other speaker just returned from his mission in British Columbia, Canada.  He was amazing--very impressive.  We later heard his story.  His father went off the deep end a number of years ago and left the family.  The Ward rallied around the family and had about twenty "fathers" who looked after the family.  He is the oldest, and obviously a marvelous example.  You could really feel the Spirit.
Afterwards they blessed little Emery Jane.  That was really special too.  Lisa and her two children came from Minnesota to see her brother before he left, and also to see her new niece.  The missionary parents took their son to Nauvoo last week to visit his sister who is a missionary there.  They are a real missionary family.  We also loved visiting with so many family members.  It has been a lovely Sabbath day.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's Going to be a Better Summer!

Reasons its going to be a better summer:
I don't have double ear infections.
I have a lot of plans for fun.
I'm recuperating pretty well from food poisoning.
I'm no longer in the hospital.  YAY!
My grandkids came to play games.
Our oldest grandchild came and spent the afternoon.
We will go camping.
We will go to parties.
We had a fun game night with friends.
We have been and will attend many family outings.
My husband is finally fixing the sprinklers--found the problem today.
I have been enjoying lots of old movies during my rest time.
I'm going to enjoy the summer NO MATTER WHAT!!!