Saturday, January 26, 2013

January review

We have been keeping quite busy.  We were released fro  West Ridge Academy on January 13, 2013.  We were surprised, but recognize that it is time for a change.  The challenge is waiting to find out what we do next.  In the meantime we are cleaning, organizing, getting projects done, selling Girl Scout Cookies, preparing a Pinewood Derby car for a nephew, and getting "Honey Do" projects done.   I have started using a C-PAP machine and it has been difficult to get use to.  My doctor told me to start using Abien, and that has made the difference.  Last night I got a full eight hours sleep!. We had a family dinner and enjoyed the kids and grandkids.  My hubby had cataract surgery this week and is doing wonderfully.  I fell on our freezing rain when I went out to get the mail, but I seem to be doing OK. We had a Singles Dinner this week and only had a member of the Bishopric and his wife attend.  We need to figure out what is next for that calling.  We are thankful for the many blessings we enjoy.  We enjoy time with each other and time with friends.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Come on Down 2013

It is always a special time to start a New Year.  It is a time of reflection, hope for the future, resolutions, and a fresh start.  I basically have the same resolutions as last year, but life is a progressive thing.  Each year I can continue to work on my goals and build on my past progress.  I have done quite well the first week of the year!  I still have a long way to go, but step by step I will get there!
I hate taking down Christmas decorations and a number of years ago I realized that my Christmas decorations included a lot of snowmen.  I have increased my collection and now I have a delightful snowy winter feel.  That makes the change of decor a lot more fun!  We have had more snow this winter, and MUCH colder weather.
I have been so blessed this past year.  Last night our son brought our two-month old grandson to visit.  He was our biggest blessing in 2012!  It was fun to hold him and feed him.  I get withdrawal pains when I haven't seen him for awhile.  He's such a cutie!
The coming year brings hopes for camping, time with family, a trip to Maryland to see our two East Coast grandsons, sewing, and lots of surprises.  I'm glad the Mayans were wrong!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in review

I thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas holiday!  Time with family was so special.  I enjoyed laughing, games, movies, and was so satisfied with the whole experience.  January 2012 brought sewing time and getting back to schedule.  We were released at Westridge 1st Branch and spent more time in our home Ward.  February brought doctor's appointments, more sewing, and some good family time.  March found us back at Westridge 1st Branch resuming our previous callings as Scoutmaster and Music director.  We also enjoyed my aunt's 80th birthday in Spanish Fork with lots of relatives.  We also began working with the Single Adults ages +31.  I enjoyed our Pic N Sew quilting group too.  April found us busy with weddings, baptisms, and family time.  May was full of doctor's, Scout O Rama, helping Sister missionaries, and a special bonus for Mothers' Day---Alan and Kari are expecting their first baby!   June brought camping at the Ward Campout, taking grandkids on a campout at the Spruces, and more doctors appointments.  The most fun was family time!  July brought more family time and games, Lois Stewart's funeral, lunch and dinner with our kids, and Judy Larson's funeral.  We enjoyed lots of activities with friends and family.  August started off with our yearly campout at the Spruces.  Always fun to visit with family for a week!  On August 24 I had a mini-stroke and began a long recovery.  Fortunately, my only problem was weakness and no energy.  In September I managed to get through a funeral, Stake picnic, the Bradford Reunion, Pic N Sew at my house, and some good family time.  October brought more doctor appointments, a home sleep test, going to the Scarecrow Festival at Westridge, and Time Out for Women, and baby showers for Hudson.  November brought the birth of Alan and Kari's son Hudson Noah Mills.  He weighed 5 lbs 9 oz. and was 19 inches long.  We enjoyed going to the hospital with two daughters and a grandson.  I also enjoyed some good news on my health--all tests came back normal.  Thanksgiving was delightful.  We had thirteen including two boys from the Academy.  Its been quite a year!  Although the nation and state faced many tragedies, we recognize SO many blessings in our life.  We are blessed with special family and wonderful friends that make our life one of joy.  Happy New Year!