Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Sparkle of Life

Mixed in with the challenges of life are the times that make Life worthwhile.  Those moments that give a delightful sparkle to your day and put a smile on your face,  My sparkly days lately have been: a picnic with neighbors, a gathering for a retirement of a good friend, a Bradford family reunion, a family dinner with hubby's brothers and wives, a get-together of our quilting group, a sleepover of some of the grandkids, a facial and massage, a temple dedication, a luncheon with my favorite ladies, dinner out with friends, a reunion of Ward friends from 55 years ago ( Oh, the memories!), a Relief Society Super Saturday, and a birthday gathering for our grandson.  Each occasion had special stories and gave me a lift from the daily grind.  The best part is that fact that the coming days will bring more sparkle into my life.  I can look forward to more family birthdays this week, two baby showers and time with family, General Conference, more dinners and gatherings with family and friends, the Scarecrow Festival at West Ridge Academy, and Time Out for Women at the end of the month.  AND my decorations are up for Halloween AND I have started playing Christmas music when I travel in my car.  Life is SO good!