Sunday, June 26, 2011

Onward, Ever onward....

I am enjoying my BIG project--organizing my sewing room/guest room. I have found that as I move forward with really cleaning my home, that I have gained inspiration in unusual ways. My bedroom has stayed clean for two weeks--a new record! I love being able to put everything in its place. Our passports arrived this week and I already had a place to put them. The sewing room presents new challenges. It hit me that sorting material into colors, projects, and kind of material would help me get a handle on my organization. I found 2-Qt. Ziploc bags at Walmart and began to sort my material. I'm not sure how I'm going to store all my beautiful bags of material yet, but I love being able to see the colors. I'm sure I will gain inspiration to solve my next step in organizing. Wahoo!!!
We are also facing new changes in our life as we have been called to serve in the West Ridge Academy Branch. Hubby will be the Scoutmaster/Deacon's Advisor and I will be the Chorister. We will attend from 10 am to noon. They don't have Sunday School. This is better known as the Utah Boys Ranch. It will be interesting to find out how this all works out. This week we are meeting with the Youth Conference committee to find out what our cooking responsibilities are. That is in less than ten days, so I'm glad we are finally getting oriented. We are also taking most of our grandchildren camping next weekend. Summer here we come!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It is so much FUN to....

It is so much FUN to finish the Spring cleaning in my second room--my bedroom. I love the new bookcase and baskets full of my Stuff. I love being able to find what I need! I love the fact that I can now start on my sewing room/guest room. It is going to take some creative thinking--but I can do it! It is so much fun to sleep clear through the night and wake up refreshed. It is so much fun to walk a mile! I haven't been doing my walking for quite a while. I know I had better get going so I'm ready for our summer activities. It is so much fun to hear my grandson chattering on the phone. I even understood a few words! It was also fun to visit with my daughter for a little bit! It is so much fun to have lunch out with a friend. I met one of my retired teacher friends for lunch and we talked up a storm. She is facing many challenges with her health. Being single she doesn't get as many opportunities to talk. It is so much fun to be in a Book Store! I can easily get lost there! I was able to find books for my grandsons birthdays next month. I also pampered myself with a book. It is so fun to cook healthy meals! I made salmon, steamed spinach, and a vegetable quinoa dish for dinner. We both loved it! I love having just a little free time. Tonight my sweetie is working a a float for the Pioneer Day Parade next month. So I love sitting here and recording all of the things I have enjoyed today. I hope you have a day to love too.

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's official!!!

We are going to Girls' Camp in the end of July. We have been asked to be the cooks for the Stake leaders. At first we thought we might take our motorhome, but gas prices may nix that. However, we are looking forward to meeting more of our new Stake people. The Stake Camp Director lives next door to us, so we will be able to get more ideas an information easily. I just hope our health will be at its peak! We don't have any responsibilities besides the meals, so we hope to have some kick-back and relax time. Our big challenge will be getting us ready for our family reunion the following week. Yay!! Summer!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Beautiful Spring Day

I just have to let you know that I love Spring. This year has had record-breaking rain and I need to show gratitude for Spring. I love the GREEN, the bright flowers, the chirping birds, and the blue skies--occasionally. Today hubby and I went out for breakfast. Then we took a ride up to our favorite campground. The roads were plowed, but its going to be a few more weeks before they can open the campground. SNOW! Four feet in many areas. SNOW!! On the tables! SNOW!!! Couldn't even get up to our favorite spot. However, I still love Spring!