Saturday, October 31, 2009

What?? No Posts for a Week?

What have I done with my time? I was shocked to see I haven't been posting, so here goes my week in review. We seat up our funeral expenses insurance on Monday. I finished the Tinkerbell quilt, and have the next quilt almost half-way done. I also purchased material for another quilt. Did some grandkid tending. Attended the Truman Halloween parade. Went out to dinner with Hubby. Watched a Pink Panther movie. Attended Religion class, finished Pennies by the Inch drive. Have Christmas shopping done for two members of the family. Baked pies and prepared Soup for our Break the Fast meal after Church tomorrow. Went to This is the Place Haunted Village. Had lunch with a daughter. Had a great week! Hope you did too.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beginning a New Week

I'm keeping busy and that is good. We enjoyed watching movies Friday night and had a lovely quiet evening. Saturday was an opportunity to get things done and TRY to finish my quilt. Sewing machine problems seemed to magnify, so maybe I'll try again Monday. We enjoyed a lovely dinner for the Golden Years banquet. A nice relaxing evening. We had enjoyed the Utah football game, and recorded the BYU game. I think we can just delete that game.
Today I am eager to attend Church and get renewed and refreshed. It always gives me strength and hope. Tonight we will have children/grandchildren for pancakes. Should be delightful.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Where does the time go??? I think we're on fast forward. Monday I went to my endocronologist and she was pleased with my progress. My tests seem to have turned out pretty well too. Now I just have to settle back into my exercising. Our religion class was wonderful, as usual. I bought some of the books President Christensen talks about and I'm eager to read them. In the evening we joined Frank's brothers and spouses for dinner. Delightful!!
Tuesday I slept in because I didn't sleep last night. I went to the store for ingredients for soups. I was in a soup mood and made three of them for our Visiting Teaching dinner. It was fun to get together and good to have it done for the month.
Wednesday I was up in fair time--good night's sleep makes a difference. I worked on a quilt block for our Relief Society. Fun!!! It turned out pretty good. I went with my daughter-in-law to Costco and we got some shopping done. After lunch I went to JoAnn's for some things I needed---But I forgot to look at the Fat Quarters! Where was my head! Maybe I'll get time tomorrow. I did my embellishment for the PicNSew quilt. Yay! I found the chocolate fountain for tomorrow night's Primary Leadership---and the chocolate to put in it. Now I'm working on the fleece blankets for Primary Activity in a few weeks. It feels good to get some of the little things out of the way. Hopefully I will get a little bit more done before the day is over. At least I don't have to cook dinner tonight. Love that Soup!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Super Sabbath

Nice weekend! Last night we watched "The Last Brickmaker in America" with Sidney Poitier. Wonderful! Today we enjoyed Regional Conference. The speakers were terrific and President Monson was awesome as usual. I was glad I took notes and can go over it at my leisure for study. Tonight some of the kids are coming for dinner so it should be a great eveing too. Tomorrow is a busy one with an appointment with my endocronologist, religion class, and dinner with Frank's brothers and spouses. Also hope to get some sewing done in between. Have a delightful Sunday!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Off and running for a busy Friday. The weeks are going so quickly. Yesterday I finished one quilt top and hubby helped me get the backing ready. I'm eager to get at least ONE quilt finished so I can get to the other four. Today I get my hearing aids serviced and maybe do some shopping. We are getting some grandchildren for a sleepover. YaY! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. By the way, Thank you Amie for the darling background--it's perfect!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I can't keep up...

I can't keep up with it all. Might as well face the fact and just move on. I don't think I will schedule all my health check ups in the same month anymore. I have seen my Primary care physician, podiatrist, opthemologist , dentist, and have my hearing aid check tomorrow.
Then on Monday I go to my endocronologist. I have lots of sewing I should be doing too---five quilts, bind a baby quilt, finish binding two charity quilts, do a quilt block for Relief Society, add something to the Pic N sew quilt, do a wall hanging, make a new skirt, prepare some quilts for the Primary girls to do for the Primary Children's Hospital, and make quilt blocks for the next Pic N Sew. We are going into the holiday season and I have to plan the Mills family Christmas parties, prepare for Halloween, plan Thanksgiving, and ....... I think I'm tired and ready for a nap. Hope your day is great!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Back

The days have gone too quickly this week. Last week I didn't post because I didn't feel well. This week I'm trying to get caught up and Haven't taken time to post. Monday I went to my opthemologist for a diabetic eye exam. Things are doing well, but he wants to check them often to be sure the diabetes stays under control. I also attended our BYU Religion class which was wonderful. On Tuesday I cleaned and sewed. In the evening we went to Storm Mountain and had dinner with our Camp Host friends. We had a lot of fun playing Hand and Foot. The ladies won both games!
On Wednesday I went to my podiatrist to get my feet checked. I sewed most of the rest of the afternoon. My cute granddaughter spent a couple of hours with me and it was delightful. I finished the main part of my quilt and need to figure out the border. I went to the Quilt class and enjoyed visiting with the ladies. We are going to get eight different autumn fabrics each and cut them into strips to share for jelly roll quilts. Should be fun. I found my eight materials today and plan on cutting the strips while we are camped at Storm Mountain this weekend. Probably our last campout of the year. I hope your week and weekend are great.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conference Weekend

I have needed rejuvenation and here comes Conference. I still haven't had much energy, but I'm definately feeling better today. A couple good night of sleep help. I haven't done any sewing this week and I'm getting excited to get busy again. Before Conference I cleaned out some kitchen cabinets and that felt good. I enjoyed the speakers and wrote down some of the impressions that came to me for future planning. It is so inspiring to hear from these special people. After Conference I prepared nine quarts of plums off our tree for freezing. Easy! I watched the program on the Draper Temple while I worked and it went quickly. Looking forward to the other sessions.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where has September gone?

October--already! Happy Birthday Grandson! More birthdays coming quickly. I had a doctor's appointment today--my new primary physician. She was very nice and was pleased with my progress. Things are looking good AND I'm feeling better. Also had a great night's sleep. I did some shopping at Sam's Club (including a Christmas present). I have a crockpot filled with my Mom's spaghetti sauce recipe. MMMMM!!! Things are looking up today. I hope your day is looking up too!