Monday, July 11, 2011


Wow!! July is almost half over! We had fun taking six grandchildren to the Spruces for a few days. They got along so well and helped when we asked them to. The only problem is they are growing too tall for some of our motor home beds. We enjoyed the rain too. We roasted hotdogs over the fire and made s'mores. We played games together. We saw a moose! It was a great campout!!
We went to our Stake Youth Conference at Timberlane. I even slept in a tent! We are glad we didn't try to take the motor home up there because a logging company uses the road and it is not paved. Wild!! We met new people and made new friends. The cooking was a lot of work, but was great fun. We now have a better idea of what we need to do with Girls' Camp in two weeks. We also feel like we are a part of the South Stake now. The Youth seemed to do well at mixing in together.
Our second week at West Ridge 1st Branch was a good one. I led the music and only made a couple of mistakes. The pianist said I was easy to follow and she liked my tempo. I now have to plan the music for August. Hubby is finding some challenges with all the rules and regulations, but said his lesson went well. We also attended an Eagle Court for two of the boys who earned their Eagle. It was very nice!
Today we are trying to get back in a routine--if that's possible. My husband came up with an idea to organize our freezer and it looks great! Now I won't have food bags falling out when I open the door. I also need to get busy in the sewing room. It still has quite a bit of organizing to do, and I need to get my sewing club blocks made before I go to camp and our Spruces reunion. It looks like a BUSY summer.