Thursday, June 27, 2013


Our vacation to Maryland was fantastic!  We loved the National Aquarium and the Cryptological Museum.  The boys seemed to enjoy it all--especially lunch at Pandera Bread.  We loved the time at the Larkin home! Their backyard is gorgeous with a beautiful forest behind the lawn.  We saw rabbits, squirrels, lightning bugs, birds (Yes even an oriole!) and butterflies.  We played games, watched movies, and got hooked on Doctor Who shows.  The boys are so energetic!  Loved being able to spend time with them.  We went to the Farmer's Market both Saturdays--which I've always wanted to do.  I think the highlight was going to Gettysburg, PA.  It is the one hundred-fiftieth anniversary of the battle this year.  I didn't realize what a huge area they battled in.  The country is beautiful!
The down side of the trip was two trips the ER for my ear infections.  However, I would rather be there and sick than staying home because I was sick.  I'm still having issues now that I  am home, but after three anti-biotics, I guess I'll have to go to an ENT next week.  At least I had a wonderful vacation to enjoy!

Friday, June 7, 2013

June is bustin' out all over!

June is only into the first week and has been packed with so many things--and more to come!  Hubby took his rocket launcher up to Kari's school and her 6th graders love it.  The girls couldn't wait for a turn to hold Hudson..
We also attended Alex's 6th grade graduation and enjoyed seeing how much these kids loved their teachers. Jordan and Katie participated in their school talent shows, but we weren't able to attend those. Last night we had dinner at the Spruces with Frank's brothers.  It was wonderful!  This weekend hubby is taking Alex to our Ward Father's and Sons at Scholfield. I have Jordan, Tanner, Rachel, and Katie overnight.  We are playing games, Hide N' Seek, visiting, and laughing.  Tonight we will have a movie night.  Todd and Donna are in St. George, and Mark and Carrie are in Wendover.  Tomorrow night we will attend an Open House for our grand-niece who is going on a mission to Scotland-Ireland Mission.  We are having dinner with my brother and his family on Monday.  On Thursday we are headed on a jet plane to Maryland to see our East Coast grandsons.  Wow!  LOVE IT!!!