Friday, May 24, 2013


I often feel I just bounce around as I go through my day.  I go through the movements, but I seem to never accomplish the things I need to.  I have gotten away from the scriptures, my life story, genealogy, personal study, and housework.  I haven't been sticking to my schedule--or even making a schedule!  I wonder if I just need a change of scene, a change of goals, a change of heart.  My schedule has been fairly hectic.  That is surprising because I haven't had my car for a few weeks. ( Well, I had it two days...)  I have done things with my hubby, spent time with family and friends, and done more exercising.  I know I need to look at the good things and build on that.  I don't know if it the time of year for change or a time to have some rejuvenation.  I guess I need to take charge of myself and make a plan for moving forward into a wonderful, exciting summer.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I have been so rebellious!  I just haven't felt like blogging.  Life has been busy and I have met some challenges and just survived others.  I have struggled with a few things--as usual.  I have joined Weight Watchers and have lost 6 pounds.  I do best when I get out there and walk!  I enjoy having some "me" time and seeing the beauty around me.  I have been battling poor food choices, lack of scripture reading, getting housework done, and following through on commitments.  I wonder if I will ever "get it all together".  I just know that I have to plug along and do the best I can.  I love spending time with my hubby, time with my children, and time with the grandkids.  Life is good so I will perservere!!!