Thursday, October 28, 2010


I can't believe the short Fall we've had. I hope we get a few more beautiful Fall days, but looking outside doesn't look like it. Tuesday night we went up to Alta to visit friends with a time share. We played games and had dinner and played more games. Then we decided to head home because it was snowing. It was a blizzard!!! We headed down the canyon at about 10 miles an hour and had trouble seeing where the road was. We saw one car that had slid off the road and two cars trying to help, so we kept going. We saw an ambulance and Sheriff's car going up. We made it to the bottom (very thankfully) and made it home safely. The next morning we heard that they closed the canyon, so we were grateful we got down when we did. The leaves up Little Cottonwood were gorgeous! The only good side to the weather is that it brings with it my favorite time of the year. I LOVE the Holiday season! I hope you are able to enjoy your favorite time of the year--whenever that happens to be!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I always seem to have some reflection on my life when I listen to Conference. This time was no exception. I thought of my special children, our devoted brothers and their families, my very special Hubby, my goals, and my beliefs. I truly feel refreshed and ready to move forward. There have been some special miracles that strengthen me and encourage me to carry on. Today my Hubby called and wanted to know if I would like to go with him for awhile. It was so much fun, and almost like playing hookey. We hunted for a water plant in the south part of the valley and finally found it. Then we went to the VF Factory Outlet and did some shopping--He got pants and I got dressy blouses. Then we went to Incredible Pizza for lunch. My grandchildren are always wanting to go there. It was a delightful day!