Thursday, August 30, 2012


I guess my biggest surprise was ending up in the ER with a mini stroke.  My left side went numb and they worried about a stroke.  Fortunately it wasn't as serious, but I still don't have much energy.  The neurologist needed to review my tests before setting an appointment, but I still haven't heard from his office.  I guess I need to be a squeaky wheel.  I enjoyed going to breakfast with my retired Bennion friends on the first day of school.  It's become a fun tradition.  I also enjoyed celebrating our 44th Anniversary.  It's hard to believe that much time has passed.  We went to GMC to visit one of Frank's customers who does quilting.  She has done some amazing things.  She showed me how to do machine quilting and I can't wait to try it,  Then we went to Golden Corral for lunch.  My blood sugars looked good in the late afternoon, so I must have made some good choices.  It was yummy!  I rested in the afternoon.  For dinner I cooked up some Salisbury steaks that we had in the freezer.  Tasty and easy.  We watched "Home Alone 2" and loved it.  Haven't seen it in years.  I chatted with my son this morning and it is looking like our grandson will join us near the end of October.  So exciting!  Now I'm on to more adventures!

Monday, August 20, 2012


I love reading blogs.  But I hate writing my blogs.  Life is good and I just don't record things that would be a fun reminder in the future.  I found some old diaries and loved reading the entries.  I wish I had built-in enthusiasm.  August started very busy.  We cooked breakfast for Relay for Life--early!  We were serving by 7 am.  Later in the day I attended my 50th  High School reunion.  It was FUN!  We had our Mills Family Reunion the following week and it was so good to spend time with family.  The week went way to fast.  We are still keeping busy and enjoying the end of the summer.  I'm not ready for Fall yet.  Hopefull the next few weeks will help me find some writing enthusiasm.