Monday, August 29, 2011

43 Years

Forty-three years ago my life changed forever! It is hard to believe we have been married that long! On our wedding day we had NO clue what the future would hold. We have cried, laughed, worked hard, played hard, failed, and succeeded. It has been quite a ride so far. BUT one thing is certain--I made the right choice! We have learned so much--patience, forgiveness, service, joy, pain, perseverance, and a true understanding of togetherness. I love the way my special hubby is always thinking of others. He is so thoughtful, talented, loving, and FUN-loving. We are truly blessed. Now to continue on our special journey for the next 43 years--and onward forever!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer's almost Over :(

August already! This summer has been so busy--and enjoyable. We went to Girls' Camp and cooked for the Stake Leaders. We did a Welcome dinner for 170 people with Dutch Oven BBQ chicken, salad, rolls, Ants on a Log (celery filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins) watermelon, and for dessert pudding with crushed Oreos for dirt and a gummy worm on top. It was a cute and delicious Picnic! The sky was filling with dark clouds and we could hear thunder. We decided to move the serving tables to the bowery. We were glad we did, because there was thunder, lightning, hail, and tons of rain! It was an exciting adventure! We had a great little cookhouse, and the Stake Leaders and girls were fun and helpful. The testimony meeting was awesome! What a strong spirit! Yeah! Girls' Camp!
We spent the following week at the Mills Family Reunion. It was delightful to visit with the extended family. We had a lot of rain the first few days, and I was so thankful for our motorhome. The grandkids were fun and we enjoyed playing games together. The only thing that I missed was having our own camp area. We parked in the group area on the blacktop. It wasn't quite the same as having dirt and weeds underfoot. Oh, well! It was a great week. For the Friday night dinner we had 98 in attendance. At breakfast the next morning we had 57 attending. Our family had everyone come at some point during the week. We also enjoyed coming home and staying put for a little while. It will take days to clean and unpack, but it was worth it!