Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We had a wonderful weekend at the Spruces and were greatly refreshed. This week I have been more eager to get things done. That is also due to a dear friend loaning me her extra sewing machine. I have also been pleased because my endocronologist was VERY pleased with my progress the past three months. The housework has been more fun, sewing becoming a renewed passion, the scriptures have given new insights, and time with huibby has been more appreciated. Onward July!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fun and busy

It's hard to believe July is almost half over. We enjoyed our Stake Patriotic program and breakfast on the 3rd. It was one of the best programs I can remember. On the 4th we had Break the Fast with fried chicken, potato salad, more salads, pie, and fun red, white, and blue desserts. We also enjoy a TV patriotic special. On the 5th we had some family come for hamburgers, hot dogs, and the fixins'. It was a great weekend. We had our littlest granddaughter come for a couple of days and one night. It was her birthday and we had fun celebrating that. This week we have two more grandchildren coming for a few days. We are also taking our first camping trip towards the weekend. At least its beginning to feel like summer.