Monday, August 16, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Life is full of adventure--sometimes not good. We had a water patch in the basement hall just before we left on our camping trip. We couldn't figure out where it came from, but took up the carpet and let it dry while we were gone. Then we found water in my scrapbook room--couldn't tell where it was coming from. Then the other day I went down to get some of my stamps to make invitations. My bottom drawer had six inches of water in it and I had to wash and dry all of the stamps. We couldn't figure out how that one drawer could have water, but none of the other drawers did. Hubby found a broken water sprinkler by the scrapbook room window and was able to fix it. That was the bad.
Last Sunday I broke my little toe. It hasn't been painful, but my foot is sure ugly! Purple and red still hasn't faded.
The good overshadows the bad and I can see that I am blessed. I enjoyed Quilt Club, got my hair cut and had a great visit at the same time, had a pleasant day with our Ward at Pineview, enjoyed two Sacrament meetings, had fun with family, and can, and get to go to lunch with dear friends. Life is still very good!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vacation Days

I finally feel like its summer---and its almost over! Our camping trip was fantastic! It is so beautiful there and peaceful too. We enjoyed visiting, walking, playing games, and eating terrific meals. We had excitement too--A thunder, lightning, rain and hail storm that woke everybody up. I was thinking how thankful I was that I wasn't in a tent when it intensified! There was hail pounding down like you wouldn't believe! The ground was covered with white hailstones and looked like winter. When we went on our morning walk there were still piles of hailstones. We enjoyed spending time with all of the family. We had 94 at the evening dinner on Friday. We had 71 for breakfast Saturday morning. Delightful!!! I was also pleased because when we got home Saturday I had energy to unpack, do laundry, go grocery shopping, and straighten the house. BUT it seems like just when I start feeling energetic my health faces another challenge. Sunday morning I was getting ready to go to Logan to hear our nephew report on his mission when I stubbed my toe on the bathroom door. It does hurt that much, but it is purple today. I have an appointment with my podiatrist this afternoon--no fun walk today. I am looking forward to our quilt club on Wednesday and also going to the Temple that evening. It will be a great week!