Friday, October 21, 2011

Delightful Disneyland

Our son and his wife are devoted to Disney. They even have a season pass to Disneyland. They invited us to join them on a five day trip, and it was a blast! We traveled all day Saturday and got to our motel in the early evening. We went to dinner and then walked to Downtown Disney for some shopping. Love the atmosphere! We went back and got settled in our room. We even played a couple rounds of Pinochle. We could hear the fireworks starting and went out on the balcony. Beautiful! We could see them perfectly. Sunday hubby and I went to Church with some long-time friends. They also invited us for dinner. We had a great visit. Later we met the kids at Disneyland and enjoyed some rides. Our daughter-in-law lost her cell phone on Thunder Mountain Railroad. It took a while, but they were able to find it. Got in lots of walking! Monday we rode just about every ride in the park. It was a fun day. We went to California Adventure too. We love the river run and Soarin' over California. We also loved the Toy Story ride. We had planned on going to the World of Color show that night, but it was cold and we just went back to the motel. The kids went to a special parade and got their pictures with all the Disney characters after the parade. On Tuesday we caught our favorite rides again. We also found a magnificent Pumpkin display--Disney characters carved onto huge pumpkins. It was amazing! We also had a special ride on Lilly Belle! That is a train car named after Walt Disney's wife. You have to make reservations ahead of time. It only holds fifteen people. It is decorated in old Victorian furniture. Stained glass windows at the top, old tables with marble tops, brass lamps, red velvet couches and chairs make it an elegant place to ride. You also get tour guide that gives all kinds of information about the trains and Disney. It was a delightful ride. The kids had tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party, so in late afternoon they went back to get in their costumes. They were pirates and had AMAZING costumes! We took pictures and then we left for California Adventure--Disneyland closed to the public at 6 pm for the Halloween party. We went on a few rides and then went out to dinner. We were back at the motel by 7:30 pm. On Wednesday the kids went to Disneyland for souvenir shopping. We left at 12:30 pm and headed home. It was a delightful break and we truly enjoyed it. Yay! Disneyland!

Friday, October 7, 2011

October Already???

This year has been going SO fast! We had lovely weather in the 70's and 80's for a few weeks. Then yesterday--POW--rain, snow, wind. The skies are gray and cloudy, and I'm not ready for winter yet. However, October also brings some wonderful things. We have celebrated the birthdays of two sons and two grandchildren already this month. That first week of October is busy with celebrations. I love the autumn leaves. We don't have any in the valley yet, but I can tell the mountains do. I hope we can get a chance to take a drive and enjoy the colors of Fall. I also made my first pot of chili for the season. Perfect for cool autumn days! I am also into making soups and muffins. That's one of my favorite meals. I'm sewing and getting some of my "spring cleaning" done. I have my living room decorated for the season, and hubby hung my jack-o-lantern lights in the front window. Football games are back. We are going to take a short vacation this month--Disneyland! I love the Haunted House all done in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" mode. Later this month we have the Scarecrow Festival, which is a fundraiser for the Boys Ranch. I also enjoy Halloween parades and trick or treating. Come on October--Bring it on!