Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have had a lot of trouble trying to make a new post, so hopefully this time will bring success.  Mother's Day was miraculous.  All of my children either came or called and it was heart warming to spend time with each of them in some way.  The children were so generous and thoughtful.  Our biggest surprise was the announcement of our son and wife who are expecting a baby after over 15 years.  That is a miracle!  Our whole family joined in excitement and well-wishes for the new addition to our family.
I have been having progress in my own health and have been enjoying my new treadmill from my sweet hubby. It is so exciting to begin the summer activities too.  We had the opportunity of taking a young man from Zambia to see his first snow.  We went to the Spruces and Brighton an he was amazed at the little snow we saw.  He was also surprised at how cold it was.  He was a delightful young man.  He is here to study at LDS Business college.  We enjoyed our monthly family dinner with my husband's brothers and spouses.  It is always something we look forward to.  I am also enjoying working on quilts!  I am eager to finish one and start another!  Summer!  Bring it on!!!