Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Time Fun

This month is racing by and I need to stop and recognize the fun times we are having this summer.  We loved the Ward Campout at Hobble Creek above Springville. There was grass to play on and lots of activities. We enjoyed playing games with some of the Ward friends.  It was also fun to watch some of the groups with their games too.  We had good food and good company.  The next weekend we took our grandchildren camping at the Spruces.  They were well behaved and lots of fun.  We cooked over the campfire, played games took long walks, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We also enjoyed a Mills family party at Riverside Park.  It is amazing to get along so well with everyone.  I also enjoyed lunch with my daughters one noontime.  Love to laugh and chat!  I also enjoyed lunch with my lady friends.  It is SUMMER! and I love it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June is Busting out all over

The weather has been so weird!  One day its 100 degrees and the next day its 60 degrees.  Wind Wind Wind---  we are busy getting our motor home ready for summer.  We leave Thursday afternoon for our Ward Camp Out in Hobble Creek above Springville.  Can't wait!  Tomorrow I am going to my Aunt Grace's funeral.  She is the last of that generation.  Hubby is Scouting lots.  He has three young men who had their Board of Review on Sunday and today is helping two young men with their Eagle projects.  There will be two more get them by July 15 for the Eagle Court of Honor.  Summer is moving right along!  I love summer activities!