Friday, April 19, 2013

It's About Time....

Yes!  It's about time for me to get back to my blog.  I had such a good start in March and then fizzled out.  April has been very busy and enjoyable.  We have done a lot of entertaining and eating out, and playing games, and visiting.  It's springtime---but you would never know it with snow, cold winds, rain and cloudy days.  Occasionally we have a lovely spring day but they don't stay very long.  The upside to that is that the HOT days won't start so soon--maybe!
I have been working on projects and have completed a few and have groaned and continued on others.  At least it keeps me busy.  I have really enjoyed extra time with hubby.  We watch movies, play games, go out, go shopping together, and enjoy a few laughs along the way.  Love hubby time!