Saturday, March 4, 2017

Delightful Time with Grandchildren

Today is our oldest grandson's 20th Birthday!  I'm not that old am I?  I enjoyed having our youngest grandson sleep over.  We took him to Discovery Gateway and he had a blast.  I wish I had the energy of a four year old!  He said he loved the construction area, the water play, the farm, and the grocery store the best.  We went to get food at Arctic Circle with a play place.  He loved the corn dog and playing with the other children.  We got home and had ice cream and were just starting a game of Candyland when our granddaughter came with a friend.  They wanted ice cream too.  They played Candyland with us, and then wanted to play Pinochle .  We had a lot of fun! Our son got home from his business trip and he and his fiancee came for dinner and more Pinochle.  Our grandson loves to  "play" with us. They all left about 8 pm and we enjoyed some quiet time before bed.  I am so blessed to have time with family!

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