Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I just love this beautiful Easter background! The spring colors give me hope--until I look outside. Mother Nature is playing an April Fools joke on us. The snow hasn't stopped today and we should get more during the night and tomorrow morning. Today I decided I'd go to the gym, go to the funeral of a special lady in our home ward, and get my mammogram. I didn't go to the gym because I didn't have any energy. I took a nap and didn't wake up until 12:50 pm, which meant I had missed the funeral. I did get my mammogram though. Then I took another nap and the phone woke me up at 4:30 pm. I guess I'd better listen to my body and take care of myself. I don't feel ill, but I hope I get a shot of energy tomorrow. Our grandson is coming to stay for Spring break. That will be fun.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Middle of March

I am definately not keeping up very well. I am getting a lot done and enjoying life, so I guess its not all that bad. I've been readiing, cleaning, exercising, attending the BYU adult religion class, got new hearing aids, spent time with kids and grandkids, and enjoyed lunch out with friends. This weekend we will have grandkids sleeping over, a game night for a daughter-in-law's birthday, and Ward Conference. I love the spring-like weather we've been having too. I keep busy and that keeps me happy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

One more week

WQW!!! The weeks go by so fast! This week I enjoyed our adult religion class, went to the gym, sometimes walked the neighborhood, sewed on quilts, had lunch with a daughter, Had a nephew and friends for dinner and games, went to the quilting class, had a delightful time getting my hair done and visiting with dear friends, tied a quilt at the Humanitarian Center, went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for a sealing, prepared my first lesson for our Temple Preparation class, read two books--Devil's Food Cake (a delightful mystery); and A Child called "It" (an autobiography of an abuse victim), and tended for my son. This coming week looks busy too. Hope your week is wonderful!

Monday, March 1, 2010


It's hard to believe that another month has passed. We had a nice weekend---went to the 12th Ward talent show and it was delightful. Then we went to Ogden to visit our son and his sweet wife. On Sunday we had some great meetings and then had another son and his family for dinner. It made an enjoyable weekend.
Today I enjoyed President Christensen's class on the calling of Apostles. Very interesting. Tonight we had our grand-nephew and his friends for dinner and games. It was an enjoyable FHE. Tomorrow I get to take my daughter out to lunch and I'm looking forward to our visit. Wednesday night is our quilting class and I really need to get more motivated and finish the quilts I've started. Later this week I should get my new hearing aids. I'm eager to see if they really work better. The audiologist was amazed at how well I've dealt with my hearing aids now. He was also amazed at the loss I've coped with the past few years. On to better hearing I hope!