Friday, April 30, 2010

The good, the bad, and the Ugly

I'll start with the Ugly--the weather. Yes, I know I need to learn to dance in the rain, but this has been lightning, high winds (as in blowing over semis and trees), snow, and COLD! There were even snow plows out yesterday on I-215. Where are those lovely April showers?
The bad---my health. I had been feeling pretty good and was happy with my endocronologist report, until I got a letter saying my doctor needed to talk to me. Actually this past week I have been tired, listless, and had no energy. I should have known--my thyroid! The doctor is putting me on a new thyroid medication and it will hopefully get me feeling more human. At least that has some good news with it.
The GOOD! I have enjoyed our last class with President Christensen, and I'm looking forward to continuing the class in the fall. We had a delightful evening with Frank's brothers and wives. We went to the Family History Celebration at the Conference Center--fantastic program. The Tabernacle Choir was superb, President Eyring was delightful, and David McCullough has become my "new" author to explore. I'm definitely getting some of his books to read. And it didn't start raining until we got to the car. Tomorrow we are going for our grandson's baptism, so that should make a great weekend. I'm so thankful for the family and friends that make my life such a joy!!! I hope you have a lot more GOOD than bad or ugly. Happy weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Christmas Quilts 1

I found my pictures from Christmas, a little late, but I did want to show off the quilts I made for grandchildren. I really enjoyed doing something a little more personal.

Christmas Quilts

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Liquid Sunshine

I saw a cute tee shirt with the saying "Rain is liquid sunshine" and a picture of Eeyore on it. We certainly got lots of liquid sunshine today! I have been busy as usual, but have really enjoyed it. This week I haave prepared dinner for hubby's home teaching group, been to the gym,sewed some quilt blocks, cut out material for jelly rolls for Quilt Club, attended religion class, and been to lunch with my sweet daughter--Yea! Cafe Rio!
During the rest of the week I will go to the dentist, Quilt Club, Jordan River TEmple, Ward Social at our house, get my hair done, volunteer at the school, hearing aid adjustments, FHE, go to the podiatrist, and prepare a surprise party for hubby. I'm feeling pretty good, and hope to keep up. I'm going to enjoy the beautiful weather the weatherman says we are going to have in the next few days. But I'm also going to enjoy any liquid sunshine that comes our way. Have a great week!