Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I always take stock at the first of the month to see how I'm coming on my resolutions. I discovered that a friend of mine listed a blog-site on her journey to clean her home. It seems I am always struggling to clean my home so I've been reading her blog entries from the past year. One of the basic parts of the plan is to work on a project for 20 minutes each day until you finish it.
So this week I have begun to clean the Living Room. I have cleaned out unwanted books from all the bookcases and sent them to DI. I have cleaned out the dead parts of the potted plants. I changed the decor from Easter to spring. Tomorrow I will clean the curio cabinet. I really enjoy working on projects because I know I only have to do it for about 20 minutes. And if I choose to, I can work on it longer.
We are also seeing changes in our Church callings. We are being released from the Young Single Adult Ward bishopric. Eight new Stakes for Singles only are being formed in the Salt Lake valley. We go the the Conference Center tonight for information on the changes. On Sunday we meet with our new Stake and we will be released. I have truly enjoyed the past two and a half years that we have served with these delightful young people. It will be different to go back to our home ward. However, that is facing changes too. On May 15th we attend a special Stake Conference to receive information on new boundaries for that Stake. I guess it proves that there is always going to be change. I have decided to enjoy the changes that come! Bring it on!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miracles Abound

On April 5 I discovered a lump in my breast. I tried to get a doctor's appointment because I needed an order for a diagnostic mammogram. They said the doctor couldn't see me until July 21, so they would call me when they found another doctor that could take me. I called again the next day and they said there was still no opening. The next morning I received a call saying I could come in at 10 am. The doctor was the one I had really wanted. She did a new patient survey and answered all of my questions. I am so delighted! She will be a great doctor for me. That was a miracle! Before I left she had my appointment for my mammogram set up. When I left her office I felt such a sense of peace. That was wonderful because I could really enjoy my weekend. We had four grandchildren for the weekend and had a ball!
Yesterday I had my tests--a diagnostic mammogram and an ultrasound. They were so kind and explained everything. They also had the diagnosis before I left which is wonderful too. No waiting around for a week to get results. I had non-cancerous fatty tissue and they said it would not require any surgery at this time. I have the same tissue in my arm. My Mom had a number of these through the years too. I count my blessings!!! I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Miracles

I sometimes marvel when I look back and recognize the little miracles in my life. General Conference is always inspiring and I agreed with Elder Holland when he said that we would each hear the things we happened to need during the many talks given. We were also blessed with our income taxes this year. For the past five years we have had to pay out. This year we actually got a few dollars refund! (hope the figures are correct). We also were blessed by family as we attended our little granddaughter's Grandparents day at kindergarten. We had family visits during the weekend that we delightful. It was a weekend of refreshing ideas, relaxing, and renewing hopes. Now its onward to enjoy the month of April--snow and all!